Learn All About Red Bottom Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Red Bottom Shoes

Heels With Red Bottom

Most of the time, when someone refers to “heels with red bottom“, they’re referring to the famous line of red bottom shoes by world renowned footwear designer Christian Louboutin.  Sometimes these pumps are called red bottom high heels, or heels and red bottom, as well… but regardless of how you refer to them, they are extraordinarily stylish and in vogue today everywhere, in every season.

Usually found at stores like Saks and other high end fashion shops, heels with red bottoms were originally developed by Christian Louboutain ( a misspelling of his name, but rather common!), who always wanted to design footwear that accentuates a woman’s natural curves and heightens their sexuality and sensuality.

Louboutin actually has quite a number of styles and colors in his world-famous collection, including shoes with black heels red bottoms, and sandals with red bottom as well.  Please check out the links at the top of the page to learn more about the many styles, and for good places to shop for these shoes online, and often at incredible prices!