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Red Bottom Shoes

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Nothing says chic and trendy like the fascination that Oprah Winfrey has brought on with her embrace of red bottom shoes by designer Christian Louboutin.

With her thrall of daytime viewers following along in her footsteps, no pun intended, Oprah has brought a fashion trend into the midst of the world that might just rival baggy pants and low rider jeans. In fact, the sense of wearing red bottom shoes has sprung not only into the everyday world of the common masses, but has gained a grip in the celebrity world as well, as more and more stars are making their mark by wearing these types of shoes as well.

With such celebrities as world renowned actress Angelina Jolie and singing superstar Britney Spears don these fashionable shoes, their impact on the common Joe’s, or rather Jane’s, in the world has become something of a gold mine for these wonderful shoe designers.

With such an outrageous number of the fashionable people coming out and holding this trend up, it might take a while before anyone realizes that there was a time when no one wore red bottom shoes. While most people won’t actually be able to get theirs hands on real Louboutin red bottom shoes, they will certainly be able to find some knock off shoes at a much cheaper price.

Since Louboutin red bottom shoes are averaging around seven hundred dollars a pair, other designers are willing to cash in on this trend by offering up some designs that are just as good, although not as expensive. You shouldn’t be all that surprised to find Gucci, and even Prada, marketing their offshoots to the red bottom shoe fascination that is currently sweeping the world. You have realized how big this trend is getting when you see that even Madonna wore her red bottom Louboutin shoes on stage for her Live Earth event.